2017   Highlights


Media Replacement:

We replaced the media inside the iron and manganese filtration vessels. The media replacement was long overdue and greatly improved the removal of iron and manganese in our water.



We upgraded our existing SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). This software allows us to monitor and control our water system. 

iron and manganese vessel pneumatic valves.JPG

Pneumatic Valve:

We replaced all of the pneumatic valve seals and gaskets on the iron and manganese filters. These pneumatic valves control the operation of each filtration vessel.

booster staion 1 pressure relief valve 1.JPG

Booster     Station 1:

We serviced the PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) that has been out of service. 

The PRV controls or limits the pressure in our water system

Blacktail Ridge air relief.JPG

Transmission Line:

Repair of a leaking air relief valve in our transmission line that sends water from Well #3 and Well #9 to our filtration plant. This air relief valve relieves exessive air in the line. 

booster station 2 variable frequency pump controllers.JPG

Booster     Station 2:

We replaced two VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) controllers. These VFD controllers operate over booster pump electric motors by varying supplied frequency and voltage. Both booster pumps are now fully operational and reliable.

booster station 2 100 kw generator.JPG

Booster     Station 2:

We serviced the 100kw standby generator, replacing the batteries, fluids, filters and battery tender. The generator is now in automatic standby mode.

wrf pavement 1.JPG

Wastewater Facility:

Asphalt replaced at the waste water facility.


Allingham Water provided an inspection of our water tank in the fall of 2016. Here is a photo showing the inside of our tank. At the time of the inspection the tank was full. Notice the clarity our water. 

The findings of the R.O.V Inspection provided refreshing news of minimum signs of aging and superior water quality.