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Grizzly Ranch Community Services District

Presents it’s 2016 Consumer Confidence Report

The Consumer Confidence Report is produced annually and will provide information on the quality of the water provided to you, our valuable community members.  The report includes detailed information about the raw (untreated water) along with the treated water quality that is provided to you.

The Community Services District (CSD) has been managed by Plumas County since its inception in 2003. On August 1, 2016, the CSD became an independent District with a new governing Board of Directors that are all residents of Grizzly Ranch.

The primary goal of the new Board of Directors was and is to improve water quality and reliability to the community. This report covers calendar year 2016. January through July 2016 the district was under the operation of the County.  Beginning August first, the new CSD began the transition period and eventually took over all operations. This single report is covering the entire year’s activities.

Many of you are aware that there was a growing list of deferred maintenance and limited oversight of operations causing some intermittent violations of Manganese and Iron levels in the treated water quality. These violations are Secondary Drinking Water Standards which relate to contaminants that affect taste, odor, or appearance of the drinking water.  These contaminants can potentially be dangerous to the health of the consumer over a long period of time. 

It has been a top priority of the new CSD to improve the treatment standards and protocols that would improve the water quality and eliminate these intermittent violations. Due to these new standards, the situation has improved greatly in 2017 with no current violations this year. The District developed new critical operational procedures to better monitor and test water quality, ensuring that the water provided to you is in regulatory compliance. Early in 2017 we replaced the filter media at the water treatment plant as it had reached its useful life expectancy to efficiently remove manganese and iron from the water.

The District has also invested in a local staff of operators to run our system and ensure the product we provide is up to the level of quality we all desire and expect. The staff is qualified and attends classes regularly in our comprehensive training program we have instituted to ensure professional water service to our community now and into the future.

Thank you,

Grizzly Ranch Community Services Staff