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Grizzly Ranch Community Services District

Presents it’s 2017 Consumer Confidence Report

The Consumer Confidence Report is produced annually and will provide information on the quality of the water provided to you, our valuable community members. The report includes detailed information about the raw (untreated) water along with the treated water quality that is provided to you in the Grizzly Ranch Community.

2017 marked the first full year in which the Grizzly Ranch Community Services District (CSD) became independently managed and operated from Plumas County. The CSD governing Board of Directors are all residents in the Grizzly Ranch Community. The Board has assembled a very reliable staff which consists of an Administrative Clerk, General Manager/Operator, Systems Operator, Bookkeeper, and an Electrician. Each Board and Staff member has access to comprehensive training opportunities which will help the CSD grow together. 2017 has been a transitional and progressive year for both the CSD Board of Directors and staff.

The District is receiving a lot of attention by the CSD staff to provide a more consistent and reliable means of operation, maintenance, and quality. There have been newly developed operational procedures which will help to monitor and test water quality, ensuring that the water provided to the Grizzly Ranch Community maintains regulatory compliance. There have been a lot of neglected items from the past which have been addressed and will continue to be addressed moving forward. The CSD operational staff has implemented programs which include distribution flushing and valve exercising which will benefit the district greatly.

The Grizzly Ranch Community has been compliant for the entire year of 2017. The water quality continues to improve along with the daily operational practices and management.

Thank you,

Grizzly Ranch Community Services District Staff