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2018 Consumer Confidence Report

The Consumer Confidence Report is produced annually and will provide information on the quality of the water provided to you, our valuable community members. The report includes detailed information about the raw (untreated) water along with the treated water quality that is provided to you in the Grizzly Ranch Community.

The Grizzly Ranch Community Services District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, all whom reside in the Grizzly Ranch Community. The staff consists of a General Manager/Systems Operator, Office Administrator/ Bookkeeper, Systems Operator and an Electrician. The CSD Board of Directors and staff have made great strides since becoming independently managed and operated from Plumas County in 2016. Both Staff and Board Members have taken advantage of many training opportunities which greatly benefit the governance, management and operation of the Grizzly Ranch CSD.

Staff developed operations and maintenance procedures to help ensure quality management of the existing water infrastructure in the District. Transmission and Distribution flushing programs, valve exercising, maintenance disinfection practices and operations and maintenance schedules and logs are all examples of implemented items by the CSD operations staff. Improvements were also made to the Water Treatment Facility to benefit the Treatment operations process. Operations Staff has kept the District in Regulatory compliance in providing clean quality drinking water.

The CSD Board of Directors and Staff will continue to work as a team to keep improving the District’s position into the future. We encourage you to follow us on the CSD website: The website contains information regarding Board meetings, financials, fees and operations updates.


Thank you, 

Grizzly Ranch Community Services District Board and Staff